3 Skilpad Road, Monument Park, Pretoria 
Telephone: 012 460 8161
Facsimile: 012 460 5944

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monumentspar@gmail.com  |  monumentsparorder@gmail.com

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday
07:00 to 19:45
Sundays and Public Holidays
07:30 to 19:45

The Wraps Platter
A platter consisting of 24 wraps with the following fillings: Crumbed Chicken, Chicken Mayo, Beef Strips, Bacon Lettuce and Tomato and Roasted Veggies and Feta



The Rolletje Platter (Cocktail Breadrolls) Fresh cocktail bread rolls filled with a variety of fillings including cheese and tomato, chicken and mayo, ham and cheese and egg and mayo



Please note that when placing an order for platters, we need 1 day's notice and 2 to 3 day's notice for early
morning collections. For weekday platters 1 day' notice and 2 days notice for weekend platters. Orders will only be confirmed once
payment has been received. One platter serves 10 to 12 people (for snacks).


The Sarmie Platter (Sandwich)

A platter consisting of bite-sized sandwiches (quarters) with a variety of fillings including cheese and tomato, Lettuce, egg and mayo, ham and lettuce and chicken and mayo



The Chicken Platter

An appetizing combination of chicken delicacies: chicken bites, SPAR Hot Chicka wings, sticky bbq wings, spring-rolls, samoosas, mini chicken pies and kebabs served with sweet chilli sauce.



Please note that ingredients may vary based on availability and items may not resemble platter images precisely. Pricing is subject to change.

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Open Daily until 19:45


The Chicka Chicken Platter

An assortment of tasty crumbed strips, bites and SPAR Hot Chicka wings with a sweet mustard dipping sauce



The Sticky Wings Trio Platter

An mix of sweet and sticky, peri peri and bbq wings



The SPAR Hot Chicka Wings Platter

A combination of peri peri sticky wings and SPAR Hot crumbed Chicka wings



The Sticky Wings and Strips Platter

A platter with bbq and sweet and sticky wings with crispy crumbed chicken strips



The Jol Platter

The perfect party platter with quiches, meat balls, spring rolls, sausage rolls, chicken strips , chicken wings, samoosas, cheese grillers and a sweet chilli dip.



The South African Platter (Springbok)

A selection of boerie skewers, cheese grillers, SPAR hot Chicka wings, sausage rolls, samoosas, chicken kebabs, ribs and meatballs and a bbq dip



The Fiery Feast Platter

An assortment of spicy chicken kebabs, peri peri wings, spicy bites, samoosas, jalapeno rissoles with a chilli sauce dip. Eish this one is hot!!



The Chicken and Rib Platter

An appetizing combination of bbq chicken drumsticks and delicious pork ribs



The Cool Platter (Cold)

A selection of tempting cold meats, stuffed bell peppers, cheese nibbles, asparagus rolled in ham, salami cones, roast beef and gherkins and cocktail viennas.



The Meat Free Munchies Platter (Vegetarian) 

A tasty selection of vegetable spring rolls, potato samoosas, potato bites, cheese puffs, chilli bites, mini quiches, veggie nuggets and jalapeno rissoles make up this tasty platter



The Crudite Platter

A yummy colourful selection of crispy in-season vegetables served with a cream cheese dip.



The Fruity Kebab Platter

A selection of freshly cut seasonal fruit cubed, skewed and attractively presented and accompanied by a yoghurt dip



The Cheesy Platter

A selection of baby-Gouda, Camembert, Tusser's, Blue Cheese, Cheddar, Gouda and cream cheese accompanied by a variety of biscuits.



The Itsy Bitsy Delights Platter (Mini Munchies)

Little ones will love this mix of potato balls, sausage rolls, chicken bites, ribs, cheese puffs, cocktail cheese viennas and pizza squares served with tomato sauce



The Tempting Treats Platter (Sweet Tooth)

A colourful assortment of mini ring doughnuts, scones, lemon meringues, assorted cupcakes and chocolate éclairs. It's shweeet!